Trina Links, Founder & Formulator

Founded by marketer, formulator, nature-lover, and adventurer, Trina Links, Lyness Beauty Products provides clean beauty solutions for women who want healthy beautiful hair, skin, and lashes, and who also care about the world they live in. 

Trina first developed a passion for product development while working with various brands through her former marketing agency (TLB Marketing Essentials), then later as General Manager of Arrowleaf Naturals, makers of NaturPet, Dr. Maggie, Natures Formulae, and Master Formulae Botanicals. 

Lyness began through a series of kitchen experiments in an effort to stimulate the growth of her own hair. An avid learner, and knowledge-seeker, she decided to expand her formulation skills by taking a diploma course in organic hair care formulation, and shortly thereafter she registered the business in 2017. Lyness is a play on her middle name, Lynn, and 'tress', meaning a long lock of hair. (Merriam-Webster definition)

After three years of research and development, Trina launched the products into the market in 2020.lean products ~ At Lyness we only use ingredients that don't have any nasty side-effects on your health, your beauty, or the environment. 

Our Values

Clean products ~ At Lyness we only use ingredients that don't have any nasty side-effects on your health, your beauty, or the environment. 

We use all-natural whenever possible, however, all-natural doesn't always provide the same benefits that some man-made ingredients do so occasionally we chose non-toxic synthetic raw materials. With that being said, we only chose ingredients that are proven safe and effective, and have zero risk for cancer, negative reproductive health effects, environmental impact, irritation, allergen, or organ system toxicity. We also ensure that our ingredients do not have long term cosmetic side-effects such as drying effects, split ends, or other damage. None of our ingredients score higher than 1 in the EWG's Skin Deep database.  

Environmental friendliness ~ we believe that small daily improvements over time lead to massive gains. Not only do we chose only ingredients that pose no threat once they make their way back into our streams and rivers, but we also make efforts where we can to reduce environmental impact in our packaging. 

We reduce the use of plastics where we can. This includes our shampoo and conditioner bars, and we have more 'compact by design' products in the pipeline. (2022 launch) As much as we would like, not all of our products can use waterless technology like our bars, Our Hair Repair Spray is one example. However, our promise to you is that, while they are currently in plastic, we are exploring options to bring you these products in a more environmentally friendly manner while still addressing cost, shipping, and quality issues. For now, we do take pride in the daily improvements and reductions we have been able to make. 

Keeping it personal ~ while the goal of some companies is to rise to giant status where, unfortunately customers can become just a cog in the machine, at Lyness we want to keep it personal. We want to hear your feedback and for us the most valuable advertising is not sending big bucks to large advertisers, it's having you share the product with your friends or on your platform. We want you to feel like you are getting to know us, and we want to know you ... what is important to you, what you like, what you stand behind, and what you don't like. Join us on social media, send us an email, or leave a review. We want to hear from you!

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