• Why Can't I Grow My Hair Long?

    Why Can't I Grow My Hair Long?
    Why Can’t I Grow My Hair Long? Does growing your hair feel like watching a kettle that never boils? When you have slow growing hair, every trim is a painful choice between losing the little bit of growth you gained and getting rid of those frizzy split ends to have hair that looks healthy, but shorter than you desire. So are you doomed to accept your fate? Does some hair just not grow? Why do some ethnic groups seem to have naturally lush, long hair?  Hair Growth Cycle From the hair on our head to arms...
  • Is Amodimethicone Bad?

    Is Amodimethicone Bad?
    Is Amodimethicone Bad? What is Amodimethicone? Amodimethicone is a silicone. While often maligned, silicones are actually one of the most effective ingredients in both hair and skin care products. Silicones are polymers consisting of the natural mineral silicon, or silica, and oxygen. Having said that, not all silicones are created equal, but amodimethicone is a beauty game-changer.  The Benefits of Amodimethicone Protects the hair shaft Lubricates the surface of the hair so that it feels smoother and combs easier Reduces porosity of the hair, resulting in less moisture loss  Controls fly-a-ways without weighing down hair or...
  • Hair Tips: How to Get Massive Volume!

    Hair Tips: How to Get Massive Volume!
    Big Is Back! Like hair scrunchies, puffy sleeves, mom jeans, and floral patterns from the 80's, big hair is back! But have we forgotten the ancient secrets to volume? Or, perhaps there is a better method than the 80's perm to achieve all the body you want! But First! What NOT To Do When Trying To Get More Volume...
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