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SLS Free Shampoo Bars

There is no SLS in our shampoo bars, instead we use Sodium Coco Sulfate. SLS is derived from petroleum, while Sodium Coco Sulfate is derived from coconuts. It is a mild surfactant high in fatty alcohols, which give it emollient and occlusive properties. In contrast, SLS is a drying, harsh degreaser and skin irritant.

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Quality Ingredients

We use only the highest quality peptides, proteins, and other emollients and extracts to ensure that our products strengthen and nourish your hair & skin. Cheap products often cause long term damage you can't reverse. We strive to keep our products affordable without compromising our standards or your hair and skin.

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Customer Reviews

This spray is the first that’s actually worked to rescue my hair. I’ve had frizzy hair for a couple years all of a sudden and other products either don’t help or they are too heavy and leave my hair greasy. This spray is exactly what I needed, so glad I found it. It’s not full of chemicals either!


"I've been using Lyness Eyelash Serum for 2 months now and my lashes are not only longer but they are thicker too! It's like all these new little hairs are growing in!"


"You don't need to use HALF as much shampoo as you think. It REALLY foams up! I've never felt my hair so healthy and silky. My hair can be quite a wild card but these work so well. Plus, you get these cute little tin containers to reuse for whatever! They're better, healthier, cheaper, last longer and more.


Meet Bella . . .

The Bella Bar is named and designed as a tribute to the beloved dog we miss so much. Bella passed away in the summer of 2020 and she was known for her incredibly happy energy and beautiful shiny black coat. The bars contain natural ingredients that won't strip fur of it's natural moisture. The bars promote a shiny, dandruff-free coat. We love you Bella Bear, may your legacy live on in the Bella Bar.


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